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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens in a psychic reading?

In a psychic reading I inwardly contact with a higher spiritual plane. I get in touch with your Guardian Angel or with the entities of light who are with you. The angels provide me with all the answers to your questions. I sometimes also read in the Akashic Records which is a non-physical level of pure energy that contains the Life Chart of all people.


How accurate is the information of a phone reading? Don't you need my physical presence?

No, I do not need you to be physically present in a reading by phone. I do not deduct the answers of your questions from your physical aspects or from your aura. As in a personal reading I receive the answers in a phone reading from a very high energy level. This energy level is outside of time and space. Independently of where you are during the reading the answers will be as precise as in a personal reading when you are sitting in front of me.


Do I need to be religious or belong to a particular faith to have a psychic reading?

Everyone who is convinced that there is more than just our material visible world may have a reading. No matter whether you are religious at all or what faith or philosophy you are following, you are welcome to have a psychic reading.


How long ahead in time do you tell future events?

Every reading is different. In some readings your Guardian Angel may give you some advice about the next important steps in your life which may happen in the very near future, e.g. the next weeks or months. In another reading you may get more long-termed information. This always depends on your needs and on your questions. In the angels' realm our linear time does not exist. Past, present and future take place at the same "time". I receive timeless information from your angel and do my best to point out a time for everything I see.


Can you foresee every situation precisely? What does this mean to my free will?

Every soul chooses a personal Life Chart before physical birth. Your soul chooses your parents, spouse and children and sets the energy for any important situation of your life on earth. These energetic settings are made by your highest wisdom and love and include your soul's knowledge on previous incarnations. The Life Chart of a person can be foreseen easily. Our free will as incarnate human beings then consists in how we fulfill the Life Chart we choose before birth. A reading outlines the most likely path for you to consider. You will still need to make the trip by yourself and you are free to go different paths in your journey. In the end you can never fail in fulfilling your Life Chart as your Higher Self ist guiding you through this life journey.


What is the difference between a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide?

Angels are non-physical entities who normally do not incarnate. They exist and evolve on a pure spiritual plane. They guide and protect us by sending their subtle energies. We sometimes feel their influence as an "inner voice". Spirit Guides are entities who had lived on earth as human people just like you and me. They now exist on the other side. Your Spirit Guide may be a deceased one you loved or an Ascended Master you knew in one of your previous lives.


Can you contact deceased ones in a reading?

Yes, I can contact them. Our deceased ones are still existing on the other side, they are just invisible for our physical eyes. Very often it really comforts the family to contact a beloved deceased one in a reading. It shows that physical death is not the end of our existence but it goes on.


Can you also contact pets and animals?

Yes, pets and animals have a consciousness and an energetic structure which I can tune into. Sometimes I get in touch with a specific pet by telepathic communication, and sometimes I contact a Deva, which are the Guardian Angels of the animals.